Computer Crash System 0.5
Computer Crash System is a band of old buddies that are making any kind of stuff with their computer music, live video, multimedia contents, this site ... (how original isn't it) part of it was our first vinyl project, but, perhaps due to our name the "backup" hardrive on witch all master was just broke off !!! we got only few mp3 left out
of the carnage so here they are, available for download, soon are coming more news, stuff ... contacts
Mega Ultra Supa Compil Download Mp3
lulua.mp3 (13 Mo)
yes it is true.mp3 (14 Mo)
ken le survivant de rien du tout.mp3 (4,4 Mo)
too fast to drive.mp3 (4,5 Mo)
generator new flavor.mp3 (7,2 Mo)
gratt wizz.mp3 (9,2 Mo)
Final violence.mp3 (3,3 Mo)
viva las vegas.mp3 (6,4 Mo)
re-contaminated, sepultura vs guu remix (8,3 Mo)

longue vie au nouveau disque dur !!! et mort a seagate